MKP Legal is a legal and business consulting company. We specialize in issues related to financial law, corporate law and the law of new technologies. We provide services mainly for investment funds and Fin Tech (Financial technology) companies.

We provide comprehensive support in the field of regulatory issues related to the financial sector and the services for private equity investment cooperating with startup`s and Venture Capital funds.

We have extensive experience in handling projects related to obtaining funding by entrepreneurs within a bond issue, equity law or crowdfounding. The acquired experience allows us to indicate the appropriate way of raising capital, which takes into account customer needs.

MKP Legal provides versatile Legal Due Diligence, and in cooperation with bookkeepers financially-tax due diligence. We prepare startups for LDD audits, both immediately prior to the audit and well in advance, designing the principles of document archiving, permanent repositories, and also reporting systems. We prepare companies for exits, successive rounds or manager buyouts.

Our company also caters for consumers in disputes with insurers and banks merger with the use of unauthorized contractual terms in financial products. In 2017, we canceled equity capital agreements between Open Finance and Open Life and Open Finance and the European Insurance Company so that their clients could regain all their invested capital despite high losses.


mobile: +48 692 479 841



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